Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Almost Fourth!

Despite years of fabulous fourths, this year I will be sitting home in my city apartment with no view of the fireworks and no one to celebrate with except Ryan. It's a very sad state of affairs. Don't worry it's not like I'm incredibly bitter and self-pitying. Hopefully, you have something more scintillating on the agenda. And just in case your plans require food, here are some of the hippo's best fourth suggestions:

There's nothing that says party to me like fried chicken. Best news, you can totally make this ahead of time, like in the morning before it's too hot to be anywhere near a kitchen.

And where there's fried chicken, there better be cornbread or biscuits.

Need a main dish that's got more kick than the usual burgers and hot dogs, but don't want to slave over the hot oil? Buffalo chicken sandwiches are fast, easy and break with tradition without getting too far away from the junk food feel of the day.

It's not a picnic without potato salad and coleslaw. Just remember your food safety rules and don't leave them sitting out in the hot sun. Two hours is the maximum foods like this can go without being in the fridge.

If you're dying to take advantage of the fresh produce at your farmer's market, try a beautiful tomato and green bean salad.

For dessert, whip up a summer easy and seasonal peach and raspberry tart. Or go all american, and put together some apple turnovers.

Whatever you make, have a wonderful Fourth of July! And for those of you without plans, or trying to hide from unwanted guests, I'll be back tomorrow with a delicious berry tart.

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JMLC said...

so many pretty dishes! you really are amazing! We'll miss you this year but hopefully next year you'll be here.


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