Saturday, May 29, 2010


My mother in law stopped by the other day with presents! She is so sweet and thoughtful. My absolute favorite thing was this incredible cookbook full of recipes from seafood restaurants across New England. I've been to a few of the over the years; The Place in Guilford, CT where you sit on tree stumps and everything is cooked on these huge grills, The Clam Box in Ipswich, MA where you can get the best fried clams anywhere, Woodmans, the main competitor of the Clam Box (and inventor of fried clams if you believe their claims!) There are also snippets of New England food nostalgia and information (anyone else remember Pilot Crackers?). It was sheer heaven to be thinking of my favorite foods and my favorite places, like a preview and a promise that summer will come and I will get out of this damn room. Of course, my mother was visiting the next day and eased the book out of my death grip and packed it to take home with her because "you won't need this for awhile, you won't be able to cook anything for quite awhile yet." I'm on to you mom, and I'm getting my book back. Even if I have to crutch my way over there to do it.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

To Watch - Not to Eat

My life as invalid is unquestionably dull. I get up, watch TV, read, go online, read, watch TV, talk on the phone, watch movies. Again and again. By my count, I am missing:

1) A wheelchair for my injured leg
2) A girlfriend as hot (cool?) as Grace Kelly
3) Binoculars
4) Interesting neighbors up to possibly murderous deeds

On the other hand, I have air conditioning to get me through the sweltering heat.

I believe that's Jimmy Stewart 4, Me 1.

I should also point out that Rear Window also contains the most ingenious dog walking (scene) seen anywhere, the envy of upper floor apartment dwellers everywhere: lowering your dog out the window in a picnic basket, which it will hop back in when it has finished. People. Why aren't dog trainers everywhere working on this?

Anyway - should you wish to imagine my life as exciting and full of thrills, by all means, watch Rear Window. Otherwise, please: call, write, e-mail, post a response, stop by to visit, or move across the street and act suspiciously (please mail binoculars first). I'm getting crazy over here!

Monday, May 24, 2010


It's not sunny here right now. I'm pretty sure it's raining because well, as I was laying here on my bed, I felt as though someone was spritzing me with a water bottle. Turned my head, and sure enough, rain. Of course, I am helpless to do anything about this, so I had to sort of relax and pretend I was taking in the spray from my yacht while I waited for my husband to come and rescue me by closing the windows.

But since I no longer leave the house, weather is for the most part pretty speculative, so I'd rather imagine it is beautiful and springlike. You see, I have spent the past six days confined to the single floor that is my apartment (I cannot tell you how happy I am that I live on a single floor). I've finally emerged enough from my haze of pain and painkillers to stop in and tell you all that I've made it through okay, although with more pain and discomfort than I expected. I have not been together enough to organize a guest blogger, I assure you, I will arrange one soon.

In the mean time, you'll simply have to imagine something wonderful posted here! Like Black and White Cookies in honor of my best friend's birthday. I'd never be able to live up to the deliciousness that is Cheryl Ann's, but I'd bake them for her if I were in charge of her birthday sweets, because that's what she really wants, and everyone should have what they really want for their birthday (no imagining required).

Love you J!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ready or Not

Tomorrow I am having surgery on my ankle. At 7am. I don't know if there's really a way to be ready for this, but I know I'm sure as hell trying.

FACT: I am not an organized person. I am not the person you call when you can't find the syllabus, I am not the person who knows the date of the office party, I no longer wear matching underwear (I know, I said I no longer implying that at one point I did - IGNORE THAT), it will take me half an hour to find the receipt from that thing I bought last night.

And yet.


I left work today with everything ready for my replacement and color coded by day. Seriously.

I will miss 10 days of work. For each of these days, and then some, I have an outfit (if you call pajamas and gym shorts and t-shirts "outfits") picked out. Including underwear. Ready. So that my husband won't have to ask me where these things are.

This may look like an ordinary closet, but do not be deceived. Here, hanging ironed and ready is every outfit I will need from the day I return to work until the end of the year. Oh yes.

And of course, there's the freezer:
The vat on the bottom shelf is homemade chicken stock which I've begged to have magically turned into matzoh ball soup. But the frozen meals include:

Turkey Chili
Artichoke and Spinach Calzone
Macaroni and Cheese
Tofu Stuffed Shells - You are so happy I didn't give you the recipe for these, we're going to smother them in more mozzarella and tomato sauce and try to salvage them.
Meatballs - for meatball sandwiches
Pizza Dough - two balls
Sauce for Sausage and White Bean Pasta

And of course, you need frozen desserts too, like
and Chocolate Chip Cookies (get your own recipe, I tried out Mark Bittman's recipe from How to Cook Everything and it ended in cursing. Needless to say, not impressed).

Ryan keeps pointing out that I'm not going to be in a coma for six weeks, I'll only be off my feet, but while I may not be an organized person, I can certainly admit, I may have a little problem with control.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Last (Week of ) Supper

On Tuesday, May 18th I am having surgery on my ankle. It seems particularly unfair to be bedridden when it's getting to be so beautiful outside. Sadly, it also means this week is the last time I'll be cooking for quite awhile. Don't worry, I'll try to line up some guest bloggers so that things aren't a total ghost town around here, but we're looking at 6-8 weeks off my feet. I will have to give up control (a skill I am still working on).

So for my final week:

Monday: Sausage Sandwiches Nothing too fun or exciting there, just sausages with cheese and onions on good rolls. Needs to be quick because I have to drive to my parents' house after work and then back home and I expect to be very tired.

Vegetarian Monte Cristo and Potato Salad - I've got a doctor's appointment that night, so I'll be home a bit late. Seriously, I spend so much time at the doctor's these days, I want a chair with a little plaque and my name on it.

Calzone Brilliant! The recipe always makes enough for 2 meals, so a set of calzone will join the other premade meals in the freezer.

Thursday: Spaghetti and Meatballs I use the same meatball recipe for the pasta dish as I do for the sandwiches. I'll use some of the meatballs for our spaghetti and tuck the rest in the freezer for sandwiches! Remember how I said I have problems giving up control? Right. I'm just putting away as many meals as I can.

Friday my parents are returning from a long trip to Scotland, so barring any Icelandic volcano activity, I'm hoping to have dinner with them!

Later this week: I'll give you an inventory of all the crazy I've assembled (both fridge and household) to keep things running smoothly when I'm injured. Be prepared.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mom's Macaroni and Cheese

I believe that I was in college before I'd ever had macaroni and cheese from the infamous blue box. My mother always made it from scratch. Honestly, there's a time and place for everything, and as far as I'm concerned, the time and place for the blue box is the after party. (I'm afraid to admit how many times I was invited to an after party based on my ability to whip up blue box mac and cheese). Now mom's mac and cheese? That's for when you need true comfort. And am I in need of comfort. In just two weeks I'm having surgery on that damn torn ankle ligament. That will be followed by SIX weeks of cast/crutches/no weight bearing. So yesterday I put some cheesy goodness away for a grumpy day. A frustrated day. A day when I want my cast off, when I'm hot or itchy or otherwise annoyed. And it is waiting in the freezer to cheer me up. I'll be grateful. Not nearly as grateful as I'd be if my mom were there but it will do in a pinch.


1/2 lb elbow macaroni
1 T flour
3 T butter
1/2 C milk (whole milk is best, but any will do)
1 T mustard (I use whatever I can grab first)
1 1/2 C grated cheddar cheese
salt and pepper

Fill a large pot with water, toss in a healthy pinch of salt and bring to a boil. When it reaches a rolling boil, toss in the pasta and cook until done 8-10 minutes. Drain, and set the pasta aside in the colander. In the pan you made the pasta in, melt the butter and add the flour. Mix well and cook on very low heat for about four minutes. Turn off the heat and add the milk and the mustard. Whisk to blend. Return to heat. I always add back the cheese and cooked macaroni alternately, stirring to combine in between each addition. Add salt and pepper to taste at this point. If you are feeling in a hurry, or lazy, you may stop here, and serve from the pan.

To make it even more delicious:
Spray a casserole dish, add the mac and cheese. Top with bread crumbs (bonus points if you want to drizzle a bit of melted butter over those crumbs). Bake at 325 for 20-30 minutes.


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