Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chris Schlesinger's Killer Coleslaw

Summer may have officially started a few days ago, but to me, it's not summer until I'm on Cape Cod. Growing up, my family would pack up the car and head up to my grandparents' house. It was a long drive up the Jersey Turnpike, across the GW Bridge, sitting in the sweltering heat on the highway crawling through New Haven traffic and finally, seeing the Big Blue Bug in Providence, RI which meant the trip was almost over. When we got there it would mean a house stocked with lemon bars, or raspberry squares, warm hugs from my nana and silly songs from my grampy. It meant real, homecooked from scratch baked beans, ice cream for dessert and trips out to whatever our current favorite fried fish restaurant happened to be. Being in New England was (and is) just about the only place to get perfectly fried fish, topped with onion rings. But oh lordy, the coleslaw. It would sit there in it's little plastic cup, sad, sorry limp pieces of cabbage just swimming in gloppy white mayonnaise. Ugh. I would not touch it. I would try it, but it was always an unwelcome accompaniment. Until Chris Schlesinger changed my life. His coleslaw is tangy and creamy and crisp. It's perfect for any summer meal, whether you're on vacation or just stuck at home, reminiscing about your favorite place - where ever it may be.

although I strongly suspect my mother's responsible for the coleslaw mix

1/2 package coleslaw mix, but you have to add at least 2 more carrots, shredded on a box grater because the stuff is way short on carrots.
1/2 C Hellman's mayonnaise
a tad less than 3 T white vinegar
2T sugar
1 t celery seed
salt and freshly cracked pepper

gluten-free note: Hellman's mayonnaise is gluten-free, and distilled white vinegar is as well. As always, check your labels.

In a small bowl, blend mayo, vinegar, sugar, celery seed, salt and pepper. Mix well.
In a large bowl, combine coleslaw mix and grated carrots. Pour dressing over the mixture and blend well.
Refrigerate until ready to serve.

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See- mayonnaise!
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