Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vintage Flour Sifter

Sometime about two years ago, I told you about my favorite kitchen implement with the idea that I would periodically tell you about other things in my kitchen that I love. Clearly, I didn't get very far with that, but it's not because there's nothing else to love. When I was making my berry tart last week, I needed my flour sifter, and was reminded of how much it makes me happy. These days flour sifters are pretty modern squeezy affairs or battery operated ,(sweet heavens, BATTERY OPERATED? What is the world coming to?) they have none of the old fashioned charm that is at the heart of why I bake in the first place. I bake to create a feeling of home, warmth and love, not because I want to feel sleek and modern! My flour sifter may not be fancy and new-fangled, but it more than makes up for it in vintage charm. It originally belonged to my nana, but I was grateful to take it off her hands and replace my make-do method of sifting flour through a strainer (if you have neither room or inclination to own a sifter, believe me, it works). If you want a pretty vintage flour sifter like mine, check out ebay. I'm also kind of in love with the Androck geese sifter, but there's no excuse for owning two!


JMLC said...

So pretty. I'm always looking for the perfect sifter. Haven't found one yet... I do have fond memories of my mother's (yes, she had one)- it was metal and was white and blue.

mom said...

Your Nana would be thrilled that you are using her sifter, much less making it famous. She is (was) a good baker; now she says it is too much work and is happy to send her baking implements on to one who loves them. I have the squeezy one and I LOVE it. I had a metal one a hundred years ago but I kept washing it and it rusted:(

Carrietracy said...

I seriously debated putting this in my original post - I don't think you're supposed to wash a flour sifter. I never did. You tap out all the flour as best you can and keep it in a plastic bag. I'm hardly an authority on this, but my sifter isn't rusted at all, and we learned yesterday how annoying it is to wash a sifter and then not be able to use it again because it was wet!

emmieween said...

Ooh, gorgeous sifter! The older ones are great, not only because of the looks, but more importantly - durability. Martha Stewart via Kmart just isn't quite the same.


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