Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sneak Peek


is what I'm supposed to be making for you, RIGHT NOW. But it is at least 100 degrees in my kitchen (and no I am not speaking hyperbolically, it really truly is over a hundred in there), and I am not doing today what I can put off until tomorrow (My mother just rolled her eyes and said yes, Scarlett - not that she's here with me, I can just predict her reaction).

Anyway, I promise, tomorrow, a beautiful berry tart recipe, and a current picture. Right now, I have to go sit in our one air conditioned room and build up stamina so I can fry up tortillas for tostadas. Because nothing says Happy Fourth like boiling oil and Mexican food!


JMLC said...
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JMLC said...

let me try that again, since I can't spell. extremely pretty tart. and it's crazy hot here too!


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