Saturday, February 27, 2010

Love Lost

We've never been big on Valentine's Day. I don't want overpriced flowers, and Ryan doesn't want to go out to eat on a night so busy that most of the restaurants premake all the meals and everthing is crazy, crowded and does not live up to expectations. So we usually exchange cards and small gifts, and cook something delicious and fancy at home. This year however, was a total bust. This year, I had the stomach flu. While visiting Ryan's mother. There were no cards and no gifts. Just some chicken soup and whimpering. We promised we'd celebrate the next weekend. He stayed behind in New England on business and I came home. The next Saturday, I was excited. Ryan was flying home and we'd finally get our Valentine's Day. But I couldn't find a single card, Ryan had forgotten entirely, and I went to make these fancy Linzer cookies, and screwed up completely. Evidently, Ina Garten's recipe does not want to be halved, because the dough would not hold together AT ALL. I ended up adding extra butter, and then overcooked the first batch. The second batch was all I could really salvage and scrape together. They were delicious though, so I guess that will have to be enough for me, until next year.


Anonymous said...

They look fabulous though! Yum.

We don't even do cards! Our daughter's b'day is Valentine's though so there is always a party.

JMLC said...

So pretty!!!

LibraryHungry said...

I made Linzer cookies for the first time ever this year! Unfortunately, I have no advice, since I totally faked it and got lucky--I looked at about four different recipes and then sort of faked it. They got the thumbs-up from the in laws, though, who were facing their first ever Linzer-free Christmas due to an absent relative. So they were only okay cookies, but I saved the holiday.

That's my Linzer cookie story. The end.


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