Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Catching Up

Ever since the dog got sick, I've been catching up. Catching up on work, on housework on cooking. And then of course, when I felt like I was getting close, my computer died. So now, I feel guilty because I need to catch up on blogging too. Also, it was hugely annoying to have to meal plan without my lovely spreadsheet. Grrr. Then last night, my parents lured me away from the kitchen with offers of sushi dinner, so I didn't cook then either. Sigh. But here I am, still catching up.

TUESDAY - Polenta with Spicy Greens and Poached Eggs - I'm making plain polenta, using the basic recipe I posted here. I'm going to fry it in happy little triangles and then saute up some greens and spice them up with red pepper flakes and then top it all off with some lovely poached eggs. I hope they'll be lovely anyway. Can't say as I've ever poached an egg before...

WEDNESDAY - Honeycomb Tofu and Sesame Noodles - It seems like forever since we've had Chinese food, so a little stir fry and noodles should be delicious. I've never made tofu that way before, but the noodles are an old favorite.

THURSDAY - Bacon and Leek Turkey Burgers - Turkey burgers need a little extra love, and finely chopped leeks and bacon are SO good. I tried it once to use up leeks, but now I'm hooked.

FRIDAY - Quesadillas - Look, I keep flaking out on Friday dinner because it's just TOO MUCH WORK. Quesadillas I can handle. Or if I can't maybe Ryan can. Someone can. Or better anyway, because there's nothing left in the freezer!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great way to do a turkey burger - will have to give it a shot!

Glad your dog is feeling better.


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