Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You Must Do This To Your Potatoes

I'll admit it straight up, I'm a sucker for duck fat. Oh I realize that a few of you are probably thinking "weirdo," but I'm okay with that, because I'm going to assume it's because you haven't had enough duck fat. When I saw this recipe, I knew it was for me (and not just because I felt an immediate kinship with anyone who has 4 tubs of duck fat in his freezer). How could anyone resist taking a nearly perfect food - roast potatoes, and coating it in something heavenly?

These are crispy and rich on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Just so good.

stolen from Wrightfood - I would just post a link, but I personally needed a few extra tips, so I'm going to rewrite the recipe.

potatoes - I used 4 smallish red potatoes
duck fat* - I used 3-5 T
salt (as it pleases you)

*Where I am supposed to get this duck fat you ask? From a duck! You could probably buy it at some specialty store but I'm too cheap for that.

Preheat your oven to 450 F. Place a large cast iron pan in the oven to heat up as well.
Peel the potatoes and cut into 1"or 1.5" chunks. The original recipe didn't specify, and I started with much bigger pieces and then they needed longer to boil, it was annoying. Place chunks in cold water and bring to a boil, boil for 5 minutes. My larger pieces were totally hard at this point, so I let them go another 2 minutes. You do not want them very soft. Just soft enough that a fork goes in without undue force. Drain. Return them to pan and gently toss around a few times. Take the hot pan out of the oven. Use a pot holder. Place about 2-3 tablespoons of duck fat into the pan. Allow it to melt, then add the potatoes. Gently toss the potatoes until completely coated in fat. Return the pan to the oven and roast potatoes for 20 minutes. Remove and recoat with fat (the original left adding more fat as optional, I needed to add about 2 more tablespoons). Return the pan to the oven and roast potatoes for 20 more minutes. Remove and sprinkle with salt. Mmmm.

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JMLC said...

Would it work with bacon fat? I don't have any duck fat hanging around.


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