Sunday, August 29, 2010

When the Cat's Away...

Ryan is out of town. As much as I love him, sometimes that makes me really, really happy. It means I can do whatever I want (sadly, this meant scrubbing the apartment from top to bottom), watch whatever I want (Sleepless in Seattle) and of course, EAT whatever I want. You see, we eat together just about every night. A real meal, cooked from scratch. We go out or take out once every few weeks, and Ryan certainly does some of the cooking, but cheating around here is frozen ravioli. And that probably only happens once every few months. So secretly I get really happy when I can make whatever I want for dinner. Even if that's something Ryan would strongly maintain is NOT dinner. Last night, I made a little variation on Welsh Rabbit. Mmm. Yummy. So what do you do when the cat's away?

for one

2 pieces of good bread - I used a loaf of french country
1/2 a large tomato sliced thick
3/4 - 1 C sharp cheddar cheese shredded
1 t Worcestershire (I would have used 2 but my bottle ran dry. Alas.)
1 t dijon mustard
teensy pinch cayenne
salt and pepper
Most recipes call for some beer - I skipped that. If you want, add a T.

Cut your tomato slices and remove the seeds. Then sprinkle with salt. Lay them on a wire rack, or a pad of paper towels to dry out a bit. Grate your cheese, mix with the other ingredients. Turn on your broiler (I use my toaster oven's broil setting). After 5-10 minutes, pat the tomatoes dry and place them on the pieces of bread (you can toast your bread first if you like). Then cover the tomatoes with the cheese mixture. Put in a baking dish or on lots of foil or on an oven proof plate if you're working with your toaster oven. Broil for 3-4 minutes until you have a melty cheesy mess.


Anonymous said...

i usually read on google reader, but i clicked through today and saw the new (?) blog template - love it! -zoe

mom said...

So, your mother was a bad influence. Potatoes are vegetables, right? Tomatoes also, right? When the cat's away, we say PARTY!

Anonymous said...

My mum used to make us Welsh Rarebit for dinner when I was growing up. We also used to get Toad in the Hole.
I love my homelands penchant for wacky food titles, Toad in the Hole, Wet Nelly, Pea-Wack, Fat Rascal, Spotted Dick. You get the idea?


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