Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sorry Folks

As about 90% of my readership already knows - I'm on vacation. Right now I'm on Cape Cod, visiting my Nana. I'm not going to lie, I've had lobster twice in the past two days. Life is good, but I can't say as I've been doing much cooking. I'll be home in a week and I just can't guarantee anything new or exciting until then. For now, have a little scallop pasta to tide you over.

adapted from Marcella Hazan

3/4 lb bay scallops (you can use sea scallops, but you'd need to chop them into smaller, maybe 1/2", pieces - if you live in New England and you wait until November - March, you can get Cape Bay Scallops which are the best!)
1/2 lb spaghetti
1/8 cup bread crumbs
1 T butter
1/4 cup olive oil
1 cloves garlic minced
1 t red pepper flakes

Start your water for the pasta. When it boils, add the pasta and start the sauce. In a large pan, heat the olive oil and the garlic and the red pepper flakes on low heat until the garlic is pale golden. Wash and dry the scallops. Turn the heat up a bit and add the scallops. Cook for 1-2 minutes until they are no longer translucent. Add the pasta when it is done and swirl it around, mixing well so it picks up all the oil and garlic and scallopy goodness. In a small pan, combine the bread crumbs and a tablespoon of butter. Stir until butter melts into the bread crumbs. Serve the pasta and top with sprinkles of bread crumbs. You do not need to use all the bread crumbs.

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JMLC said...

oooh, this looks good. I wish I could convince A. to eat seafood.


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