Sunday, August 22, 2010

Adventures in Boston (or Thereabouts)

So, I've spent the last three days with my dearest friend and her ridiculously smile-y adorable baby girl. I actually did end up cooking a bit. She was delayed by a marathon drive home from Maine, and I entertained her cousin with dinner and her famous brownies. Although I've cooked in her kitchen countless times, doing it without her there was another experience entirely. She has a somewhat obscene number of cabinets filled with cooking gear and pantry items, a fridge and two freezers. Her cousin and I spent much of the time doubled over with laughter as we tried to figure out where things were (How can she not have butter?? - She did, we just couldn't find it.) and what things were (J, if you're reading along, what in the Sam Hill is the thing in the corner cabinet that looks like a massive garlic press?) and also how things worked (The oven that lights up is definitely the one that works, and we sincerely apologize if we didn't put the pepper grinder back together properly after we accidently disassembled it trying to figure out how to make it work.)

The next day we baked sugar cookies, which you may get to read about on her brand new marvelous food blog, My Family Table. I know she took pictures, so keep checking back!

We also had a truly exciting trip to the grocery store. No sarcasm. I'm really serious. The whole store is on the second floor, so they have special escalators for your cart. Behold.

Yeah. I could have watched that all day. I'm a really big dork. I'm also amazed that parents can tear their children away from this. Even I was tempted to ask "Just one more cart?"


JMLC said...

And we totally could've waited for more carts. I think it's a fold-up colander. It's not mine, I swear.

Anonymous said...

That's the coolest thing I've ever seen! I've got to get one of those. The cats and I will be endlessly fascinated and entertained. I guess we're dorks, too! :)


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