Wednesday, May 26, 2010

To Watch - Not to Eat

My life as invalid is unquestionably dull. I get up, watch TV, read, go online, read, watch TV, talk on the phone, watch movies. Again and again. By my count, I am missing:

1) A wheelchair for my injured leg
2) A girlfriend as hot (cool?) as Grace Kelly
3) Binoculars
4) Interesting neighbors up to possibly murderous deeds

On the other hand, I have air conditioning to get me through the sweltering heat.

I believe that's Jimmy Stewart 4, Me 1.

I should also point out that Rear Window also contains the most ingenious dog walking (scene) seen anywhere, the envy of upper floor apartment dwellers everywhere: lowering your dog out the window in a picnic basket, which it will hop back in when it has finished. People. Why aren't dog trainers everywhere working on this?

Anyway - should you wish to imagine my life as exciting and full of thrills, by all means, watch Rear Window. Otherwise, please: call, write, e-mail, post a response, stop by to visit, or move across the street and act suspiciously (please mail binoculars first). I'm getting crazy over here!


JMLC said...

Mom and I spent a LOT of time trying to figure out a way to lower Chou-Mon from her apartment to the street and back. We settled on the now-defunct "send the dog down the stairs" method.

I could be your girlfriend but there's NO WAY I'd be as cool (hot?) as Grace Kelly. Maybe I should just move across the street and act suspiciously.

Ruthe said...

Carrie, You make me laugh out loud!
What about using the time to put all your funny thoughts into a book. Sell it to a publisher. Make a million dollars, and use the money to buy a basket to lower the dog to the ground floor? Oh, wait. You have an elevator for that! Just teach him to push the L button!!


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