Saturday, May 29, 2010


My mother in law stopped by the other day with presents! She is so sweet and thoughtful. My absolute favorite thing was this incredible cookbook full of recipes from seafood restaurants across New England. I've been to a few of the over the years; The Place in Guilford, CT where you sit on tree stumps and everything is cooked on these huge grills, The Clam Box in Ipswich, MA where you can get the best fried clams anywhere, Woodmans, the main competitor of the Clam Box (and inventor of fried clams if you believe their claims!) There are also snippets of New England food nostalgia and information (anyone else remember Pilot Crackers?). It was sheer heaven to be thinking of my favorite foods and my favorite places, like a preview and a promise that summer will come and I will get out of this damn room. Of course, my mother was visiting the next day and eased the book out of my death grip and packed it to take home with her because "you won't need this for awhile, you won't be able to cook anything for quite awhile yet." I'm on to you mom, and I'm getting my book back. Even if I have to crutch my way over there to do it.

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