Saturday, May 25, 2013

Brilliant Ideas Converge

I can't even tell you how long I have loved this idea that David Lebovitz wrote about on his blog.  The picture above (borrowed from his blog - definitely taken by David Lebovitz and NOT me) shows a set of napkins he spotted at a farm.  Diners were encouraged to write their names in permanent marker on napkins so that each would know his own.  Over time, the napkins show the history of visitors to the farm, recent ones marked brightly, some others faded into near obscurity.  I'm not doing it justice, so read the whole post here.

For years I have dreamt of having a set of napkins at my own house that could be used for company, labeled, washed and treasured as a record of guests in my home.  Of course, this would require that I actually have guests in my home, which at present is certainly nothing but a dream.  It would also require the perfect napkins.  I have yet to find the perfect napkins.

Until this week...

They are completely perfect right?  They'll go with anything, the stripes will be perfect for collecting the names.  Just perfect.  

They're available from Furbish, but I spotted them on the owner's design blog, i suwannee.

Now if I can just get my act together to order two sets (four in a set) before the end of the weekend, I can even get 15% with the code LONGWEEKEND...

Then I can focus on finding some guests.  Any takers?


Anonymous said...

Hell Ya. Should I bring my own Sharpie?

Anonymous said...

I'm in. So's Dad.


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