Friday, July 13, 2012

50 Cents

Can you think of anything you can still buy for 50 cents?  Because there is not a single solitary thing offered by my work vending machines that is 50 cents.  A simple bag of chips or a candy bar will run you 55 and if you want an iced tea instead of soda, you're all the way up to $1.25.  I think you can get up to an hour on a parking meter in certain places, but around here you'll rack up a solid 24 minutes for your change.  Or two days worth of fines at the library (which might be a bargain if you're not finished your book and someone else has a hold on it).  But you know what's cheap?  Cucumbers. At the farmer's market this week I picked up five adorable kirby cucumbers for 50 cents.  And you know what you do with kirby cucumbers right?  You pickle them!!  In an absolutely uncharacteristic fit of summer motivation I made three kinds of pickles the other day.  I will share them with you and reveal the fact that when it comes to pickles, I play favorites.  There was a definite winner to project pickle and it will be revealed!!

PS - These are refrigerator pickles.  Do I really seem like I have my shit together enough to own a whole canning/pickling set up?  People, I am exceedingly lazy, that is just not happening.  These are 100% guaranteed lazy person pickles.

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