Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Use it Up Round Up

Last weekend I promised to help you with a little bit of spring fridge cleaning. 

This week, I gave you two ideas for using up leftover bits and ends and corners of things that aren't quite big enough for a starring role.
 Frittata - Tortilla - Omelet - You name the egg product, you name your dinner.  Follow some basic guidelines here.

Basically, use some potatoes to bulk up your egg product.  Toss in leftover veggies.  Top off with some grated cheese and you're all set!
Big Salad - It's fast, it's easy and it often requires no cooking!  You can pile up whatever leftover veggies you have and some leftover protein (or protein from the pantry) and your dinner is served.

Find some inspiration here.

 Macaroni and Cheese - Don't just use up the ends of your cheeses, use up veggies too!  Plenty of tasty combinations and the happy melty goodness helps if you happen to have anyone around who isn't exactly over the moon about using up the cauliflower.
Soup - Be creative!  Soup will often gladly accept whatever you have to offer, especially if you have some good stock on hand.  

Bread Salad - Whether using it as a main dish or a side dish, bread salad is a dream for taking care of leftovers.  Anything that uses up stale bread is a winner in my book. It's incredibly flexible, just add some veggies and make a complimentary dressing.

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