Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Scenes from the Kitchen

Tuesday, December 14 - time undetermined: Focaccia runs out.

Friday, December 17 - 10 pm: Last of four dozen gingerbread cookies leave the oven.

Saturday, December 18 - 7:30 am: The gingerbread army starts receiving their royal icing.

Saturday, December 18 - 2:40 pm: Tupperware full of gingerbread plumets from the car dash onto the seat. Casualties are reported.

Sunday, December 19 - 9:45 am: The first of almost 150 pizzelles comes off the pizzelle iron.

Sunday, December 19 - 1:10 pm: The last of nearly 150 pizzelles comes off the pizzelle iron. Celebratory quiche is consumed.

Tuesday, December 21 - 6:50 pm: Almond bark goes into the fridge to cool.

Tuesday, December 21 - 10:25 pm: Candy thermometer stops working while I'm melting the white chocolate for peppermint bark.

Tuesday, December 21 - 10:26 pm Meat thermometer pressed into service for emergency candy duty.

Tuesday, December 22 - 10:38 pmCandy cane dust encrusts hands, counters, rolling pin.

Tuesday, December 22 - 11:28pm Exhaustion wins.

What does it look like in your kitchen these days? Mayhem? A Merry Martha Christmas? Moderately Messy? Something else entirely devoid of "M"s?


mom said...

How about Moderately Messy Merry Munchy Mayhem? I think that about captures it.

Anonymous said...

Sunday, 11am: the makings of italian wedding soup, chocolate cookies, peppermint buttercream and peanutbutter cookies are all strewn about the counters.

Monday, 6pm: I realize there is no dinner ready yet. This is because I have not made any. Baby is cranky.

Tuesday, 3pm: Cookies baking, several sheets of dough ready to go into oven, pastry bag filled with buttercream awaiting cooled cookies, crushed candy cane coats every available surface (just like yours!). I once again realize I have planned poorly in regard to dinner. Baby is still cranky.

Wednesday, 2:30pm: Cookies packaged and ready to go. Leavings of last night's beef stew are obvious in strange parts of the kitchen (the corner of the counter furthest from the sink). I once again realize that I've not planned for dinner (it's a theme) and the baby is likely cranky (she's at daycare).

Not sure what we'd label this one. Perhaps Misgivings of a Mother?

Anonymous said...

Both of you girls are so much more grown up than I ever have been! All that homemade goodness in your kitchens along with work and family obligations. You amaze me!!

Ruthe said...

ooops! wasn't being anonymous. It's me, Ruthe! Merry and sweet days to you!


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