Thursday, December 30, 2010

Been An Angel All Year...

Well not quite an angel, but Santa (erm, my parents, Ryan and friend L) certainly hurried down the chimney with lots of kitchen goodies.

1. & 2. Reusable sandwich and snack bags - no more using up ziplocs at an alarming rate, these cute little bags will keep my lunch together and do the environment some favors in the process.

3. A three piece glass food storage set, because even though I have BPA free plastic, it's still plastic and eventually they're going to find out that plastic turns you into a newt or something.

4. A tiny dish for my salt and pepper mills to sit on so they don't shed salty and peppery bits all over my counter.

5. Itty bitty portable utensil set, so I can stop eating with a spork. Because the cafeteria only gives out sporks.

6. Nigella Express - you've already benefitted from her cheddar risotto, just think of all the other delicious recipes!

7. New candy thermometer (so meat thermometers no longer need to be inserted in white chocolate).

8. A second silpat mat! I can actually prepare a second batch of cookies while the first is still baking! More cookies! More cookies!

9. Everyday French Cooking by Christian Constant. I have been kicking myself for not buying this ever since Ryan and I left Paris (a few years ago?) We loved our meal at Cafe Constant, particularly the duck (which sadly isn't in the cookbook). It is not for the faint of heart though, it has a somewhat unthinkable number of foie gras recipes.

10. Digital meat thermometer - my current meat thermometer and I often have differences of opinion. I'm hoping I get along better with this one.

11. Empanada maker - this sucker is sweet! You use the bottom to cut your circle of dough, stick the circle on top, drop in some filling, and smoooooosh! Empanadas. Turnovers. Handpies.


Chippie said...

I received a metal whisk (as opposed to what I considered to be a wise Teflon version) and measuring spoons (that actually fit into spice jars - unlike my current version, which look cool but fit nowhere) from my mother after her valiant attempt to bake cookies at my house over Thanksgiving. If I'm being truly honest, they weren't even gifts - just investments for her next visit.

Claire said...

I got the meat grinder attachment for my Kitchenaid that I've wanted FOREVER. Your post made me realize that there's a few additional kitchen items that I'm in need of though.

Carrietracy said...

Chippie -
If I were in your mother's shoes I'd probably do the same! I hope you got plenty of things you actually want and not just cooking implements you won't use. Maybe she should have just brought the cookies with her?

Claire - I'm fascinated that you're going to grind meat. Seriously. I'm going to need more information about that. Is this like a make your own sausage situation?


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