Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Can you call it that on Christmas Eve?  We're halfway through!

This morning after my post, I finished making the eggplant and it's marinating on the counter until dinner.

We took a break to eat some sandwiches with sweet soppressata, tavern ham, hot capicola, prosciutto and provolone.

We had some turkey on hand for Ryan as well.

Then after lunch I finished layering the streusel and the batter in the coffee cake (for tomorrow morning) and then popped it in the oven.


australianwritings writing service said...

Oh man.. I happen to be fasting when i came across post. And let me tell you that i am totally tempted by this. Such a tease this was. But, thanks for posting.

Volt heated Clothing said...

Such a delicious post this was. Made my mouth water, each and every dish looks so tempting.If you can please post recipes of these as well. Thank you.


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