Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Type A Personality + Uncontrollable Events = A Full Freezer?

It is no surprise to anyone who knows me (or to longtime readers of this blog) that I prefer situations where I am in control.  Needless to say many people are cackling and rubbing their hands together in anticipation because they know that having a child will definitely lead to me being faced with an unbroken chain of uncontrollable events, possibly for the rest of my life.  And some people are mean and take perverse pleasure in things like that (oh, you know who you are).

So while I wait (ah yes, the waiting for the first of these uncontrollable events) there's nothing I can do other than to try to organize my food world.  So despite my husband's protests that we'll be able to cook dinner ourselves, I've been stocking the freezer.

My current freezer status ~

5 balls of homemade pizza dough - This recipe would make 6, but I stole one for calzones.
4 artichoke and spinach calzone although made with a small amount of provolone rather than mozzarella
2 huge portions of macaroni and cheese
2 big (but not huge) portions of fancy macaroni and cheese
2 meals worth of meatballs although I added garlic to them
3 meals worth of lasagna

Ice cream - this is critical for my sanity.  I have a coupon for Ben and Jerry's and you better believe I'll be adding a few pints to the collection.
Tortellini - this is one of my go to foods when I'm not actually cooking.  I pretty much lived on it during the first trimester.  I bought a huge club pack from Wegman's.  Just plain cheese.
Lou's Natural Sausage  - A while back we did a taste test of chicken sausage and these won.  I love them especially because they don't have sausage casings (Ryan won't eat sausage casings, so I have to peel them off).  I got a few flavors.  They go along way to turning mac and cheese into a meal.

We are lucky enough to have an amazing farmer's market nearby.  And because of where we live, this farmer's market includes a few stands run by the Pennsylvania Dutch (I don't know whether or not they're Amish, I do know they wear bonnets and old fashioned clothes).  One of these stands has homemade baked goods and for years (I wish I were exaggerating, but I'm not) I've wanted to try their cinnamon buns.  They look amazing.  Last week my mother surprised me with a package, all individually wrapped, ready to freeze and enjoy later.  I did test out one, just for quality control reasons you understand and I was not disappointed.

I really don't feel like it's enough but it's what I've got and there's not a ton of room left in there as you can see.  What else do you think I need in my freezer?


mamacita said...

Soup! Make some soup and cool it down, then put it into gallon freezer bags. Then, most importantly, lay the bags flat to freeze. That way they take up almost no room at all, and you can store them almost like file folders.

Carrietracy said...

Okay, you're from the land of obscene heat, what kind of soup do you recommend? Because right now, I can't imagine soup as appealing in our east coast swelter. But I trust what kind of soup (other than gazpacho) is summer friendly?


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