Friday, April 5, 2013


Last weekend, Ryan and I ate our way through Boston.  I could pretend my priorities were otherwise, but aside from seeing my best friend, I really only cared about the food.  We started with lunch Legal Seafood where I ordered my standard cup of chowder and steamers.  It's always the right choice. Dinner was at Mistral, which is still incredible after all these years.  And brunch the next day was at Zaftig's in Brookline where I devoured the challah french toast.  But with our spare time?  Our minimal spare time between meals?  Well, Ryan asked what I wanted to do.  And did I ask for a ride on the Swan Boats?  Or a trip to the MFA or the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum?  A stroll down Newbury Street?  Nope.  I asked to go to Mike's.  Home of the best cannoli evah.*  Our hotel was a conveniently short walk from the North End, and at 10am, Mike's is as empty as I've ever seen it.  I picked out 2 chocolate chip cannoli, Ryan opted for a pistachio and even though it's highly nontraditional, 
I got one chocolate ricotta with chocolate chips.  Ridiculously decadent, I know.  We've been slowly rationing them out, and they will be gone too soon, but oh, so worth it.
*Yes, I'm aware there's an ongoing debate as to whether Mike's or Modern is the best place to get cannoli. I am unwavering in my devotion to Mike's.  If you want to waste your time over at Modern, go for it.  It makes the line shorter for me.

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JMLC said...

I have room in my belly and heart for both. It's a good thing I'm far enough from the North End that I can't get one every day without travel.


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