Monday, April 4, 2011


1 deck of cards
a Connells or Smiths tape (bonus points if one side is Connells and the other Smiths)
vanilla goldfish

Put the tape in your tape deck (you do have a tape deck don't you?) Deal yourself a hand of solitaire. Munch on goldfish cookies. At the end of two weeks, you'll find you've gained 10 pounds, memorized untold numbers of lyrics, learned how to shuffle the less lame-ass way (but not the Vegas dealer way) and you'll feel much better. However, cards, the Connells and the Smiths, goldfish cookies and a certain type of spring weather will constantly remind you of your convalescence and make you vaguely nostalgic for what was an absolute crap part of your 16th year.


Jordanna said...

See, if you'd had me, I'd have brought the goldfish. :-)

Anonymous said...

How are you feeling now? Is it spring there? It just came to Boston--hooray!

Anonymous said...

The sailboats are on the Charles, and the duckboats are on Newbury!! And the Red Sox won the home opener--all is well.


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