Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pay Attention

The other day at lunch I was chatting with some friends about how I simply feel as though I have too much to keep track of. So much in fact, that I worry that perhaps some of the things I am supposed to be responsible for will ooze out of my brain and trickle out my ears. There was a general consensus that LISTS! would save the day. "Write a list!" They said. Amateurs.

A List of My Current Lists:
to do for work (on my desk at work)*
2. daily to do (in my planner)
dinner menu for the week (Excel spreadsheet)
4. b
ooks for my book blog and which week to read them (Excel spreadsheet)
library book due dates (on my computer)
a list of my current lists (you're reading it baby)
7. a list of epiphanies I had in SuperFresh (stay with me)

*Confession: Sometimes my friend L and I keep lists for each other. So that I know what she has to do and she knows what I have to do.

It's not enough. Do you know how I know this? Last weekend, as I walked through SuperFresh, I eyed a giant display of sundae topping sauces, you know, caramel, butterscotch, hot fudge. And I had a moment of smug glee as I thought of the homemade caramel sauce sitting at home, and how I could pour it over a sundae, or dip apples in it or what-have-you. At which point I had so many epiphanies I nearly got whiplash.

1. There is no caramel sauce at home.
2. I poured all the caramel sauce into the brownies.
3. The recipe called for half the caramel sauce to go into the brownies.
4. This is why the brownies NEVER SET.
5. If it takes me TWO WEEKS to realize that I screwed up a recipe, I have TOO MUCH stuff inside my head.

So folks, today you will not be getting my version of "turtle brownies". You will get a link to She's Becoming Doughmesstic's Sea Salt Caramel Brownies with a firm admonishment to follow the damn directions. If your brain is not leaking out your ears, you could add some pecans to make them more turtle-y. I'll be here, starting some new lists.


stellacarolyn said...

Hi, I'm StellaCarolyn and I'm a list addict.

Right there with you, babe, right there with you.

mom said...

I LOVE lists; when I first retired I made even more lists than ever (as if that were even possible, but now a few years later I decided to retire from list making. It makes my days ever so less efficient, but more relaxing. However, reading your blog I sensed a need for listmaking again. Could it be addictive? I will confess to sometimes adding things to a current list because I did it already, just so I could cross it off. Is that cheating? Besides, I just looked in my trusty notebook and discovered the following: long term house projects, travel packing lists, holiday lists (decorating and menus), landscaping lists, and (of course) reading lists....need I continue?

Anonymous said...

It is *SO* not cheating to write things down just to cross them off. It gives a feeling of accomplishment and gives one the motivation to keep going. (What, do I rationalize too much?)

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh! I have lists at home, lists at school, lists in the car (for mobile errands), lists on paper, lists in my iPhone. Need I continue? We are soul mates.


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