Thursday, September 9, 2010

Disappointment and Pondering

This is a beautiful honey cake. I made it using a fairly majorly altered version of this recipe. Sadly, as pretty as it is, it's just not for me, there just wasn't enough going on there - which is odd, because as I was mixing together the nine million ingredients I was thinking there was too much going on there. At any rate, I ended up very disappointed that I hadn't made my usual (but very nontraditional) little honey cupcakes.

Now I'm left with an underwhelming bundt to finish off and also a bit of roast chicken. (Come on, I know I'm not the only one in this position around Rosh Hashanah). The obvious choice right now is to make soup. But I'm feeling awfully whiny about what kind of soup. Also I kind of want meatballs. I know, not helpful. Since I'm being less than helpful, perhaps you can help sort it out.


JMLC said...

I say grind up the leftover chicken and make stuffed cabbage. If you use a tomato-based sauce, it's like a meatball.... Or you could make enchiladas. Or chicken wraps. or stir fry. SO many options....

JMLC said...

Oh, and I never, ever like honey cake. Ever. I made a chocolate honey cake this year, in an attempt to make it more interesting. Not so much. It always ends up too dry, no matter what I do.


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