Sunday, January 3, 2010

Menu for the New Year

Most weeks, I plan our menu in advance. It involves the use of a spreadsheet, because it turns out that I am a giant dork. Some people make fun of me for it, but others just want to know what we're eating. So here's the plan for next week, who knows if we'll stick to it, but a starting place is better than nothing!

Vegetarian Monte Cristo - this requires a loaf of good bread from the bakery, probably bought same day.

Winter Panzanella - Hopefully I'll be sharing this recipe with you soon. But panzanella is a great choice any week when you have bread that you need to use up. This recipe also calls for goat cheese. The rest of the goat cheese will be used up on Friday on the Portobello burgers. Leftover bread will be sliced and frozen for use later.

Chicken Ragout - Usually once a week, dinner is a cheat, something I've frozen earlier, or something so simple I barely consider it cooking. This week, I've got delicious homemade ragout in the freezer, and it is using up a lot of space.

Bolognese Sauce - This will not only be wonderful in the achingly cold weather we've been having, it makes enough that I'll pop some in the freezer for a cheat meal another week. I'll defrost a few slices of bread from Tuesday as well.

Portobello Burgers - Friday night meals have to be easy, or you'll find yourself calling for take-out. This is quick and will use up the goat cheese I bought earlier in the week.

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JMLC said...

mmmm sounds good. I think we're doing this:
monday- leftovers (chicken & black bean enchildas or spaghetti & turkey meatballs from the weekend); Tuesday- corn chowder (yours)& salad; Wednesday-A's birthday dinner (steak and egg noodles with butter & garlic, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting); Thursday-A makes dinner (likely to be eggs); Friday- take out or leftovers. :-)


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