Friday, July 3, 2009

Vacation and Local Flavor

Happy Almost 4th of July!! I will not be cooking this year. Just relaxing on the deck with my feet up. Believe it or not, this incredible view is from my in-law's place in Rhode Island. Tomorrow, we'll go out on their boat, Ragtime. Then Sunday I head to Cape Cod for a few more days to visit my grandmother.


Although it's not likely I'll find myself in the kitchen while I'm away, I'll try to bring you some food related goodness. Today, our grocery trip turned up a New England treat, a roll of all chocolate Necco wafers. Standard Necco wafers come in a variety of fruit related flavors. Chocolate Neccos are far more rare.

Necco wafers have a fascinating slightly chalky texture and chocolate Neccos are far closer in flavor to some type of chocolate malted product (like Whoppers) than anything actually chocolate. In many ways, Neccos are something I like more for the sheer New Englandness of their existance than for their actual taste. But you'd have to try for yourself.

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JMLC said...

Wish I were there to enjoy with yo! Missed you on the 4th but hope you had a great time there.


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