Monday, September 15, 2008

Back On-Air Soon

Shh...just watch the bars. The show will be on soon. (At least that's what my mother used to promise me.)

In the past few weeks the stars have not been smiling on my cooking fortunes. I have gotten home from work very late many a night; one or twice because I was actually working late, the other times due to unforeseen circumstances.

The unforeseen circumstances include:
1. A train fire which caused me to take a detour and subsequently spend 15-20 minutes lost in one of the country's top 10 most dangerous cities.
2. The closing of a major highway between my work and home due to a horrific tractor trailer accident
3. A night where I couldn't find my keys, finally found them in the ignition of my locked car, had my parents come with my spare key, discovered that the car wouldn't start, promptly went off to look for someone with jumper cables, carefully locking both the regular keys and the spare key in the car and having to call AAA.

None of these are very conducive to wanting to cook dinner. There has been much take-out. Any cooking has been done while whimpering softly.

I will return with food soon though, I promise. In fact, last night there was a pasta dish with eggplant, that I cooked and ate, which may come as a shock to those of you who know my feelings on eggplant.

I'm also planning a new once a month feature where I show you something from my kitchen that I love.

So stay tuned.


JML said...

So if I come visit and stand in your kitchen, can I be in the once a month feature? And send the eggplant thing my way- you know how I feel about eggplant....

Carrietracy said...

Yes, you can come stand in my kitchen and get in the blog, but I'm not sure I'm allowed to photograph you. You might be recognized.

We'll have to talk about the eggplant.

JML said...

What if you just photograph my feet? :-)

mom said...

Hey...I feel I am being maligned here. Sesame Street did come on soon afterwards, didn't it?


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